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Forward the Foundation Chapter 15 Free Essays

Part III Dors Venabili VENABILI, DORS-The life of Hari Seldon is very much encrusted with legend and vulnerability, so little expectation survives from ever getting a life story that can be completely genuine. Maybe the most astounding part of his life manages his partner, Dors Venabili. There is no data whatever concerning Dors Venabili, with the exception of her introduction to the world on the universe of Cinna, before her landing in Streeling University to turn into an individual from the history staff. We will compose a custom exposition test on Forward the Foundation Chapter 15 or then again any comparative subject just for you Request Now Not long after that, she met Seldon and remained his partner for twenty-eight years. On the off chance that anything, her life is more interlarded with legend than Seldon’s is. There are very unfathomable stories of her quality and speed and she was generally discussed, or maybe murmured of, as â€Å"The Tiger Woman.† Still more confounding than her coming, be that as it may, is her going, for after a specific time, we know about her no more and there is no sign with respect to what occurred. Her job as a student of history is confirm by her deals with Reference book Galactica 1 Wanda was just about eight years of age currently, passing by Galactic Standard Time - as everybody did. She was an incredible little woman grave in way, with straight light-earthy colored hair. Her eyes were blue however were obscuring and she may well end with the earthy colored eyes of her dad. She stayed there, out to lunch. Sixty. That was the number that distracted her. Granddad would have a birthday and it would have been his sixtieth-and sixty was an enormous number. It annoyed her since yesterday she had a terrible dream about it. She went looking for her mom. She would need to inquire. Her mom was not hard to track down. She was conversing with Grandfather-about the birthday without a doubt. Wanda faltered. It wouldn’t be ideal to solicit in front from Grandfather. Her mom experienced no difficulty whatever detecting Wanda’s dismay. She stated, â€Å"One moment, Hari, and let’s see what’s pestering Wanda. What is it, dear?† Wanda pulled at her hand. â€Å"Not here, Mother. Private.† Manella went to Hari Seldon. â€Å"See how early it begins? Private lives. Private issues. Obviously, Wanda, will we go to your room?† â€Å"Yes, Mother.† Wanda was unmistakably alleviated. Connected at the hip, they went and afterward her mom stated, â€Å"Now what is the issue, Wanda?† â€Å"It’s Grandfather, Mother.† â€Å"Grandfather! I can’t envision him successfully trouble you.† â€Å"Well, he is.† Wanda’s eyes loaded up with unexpected tears. â€Å"Is he going to die?† â€Å"Your granddad? What put that into your head, Wanda?† â€Å"He’s going to be sixty. That’s so old.† â€Å"No, it isn’t. It’s not youthful, however it’s not old, either. Individuals live to be eighty, ninety, even a hundred-and your granddad is solid and sound. He’ll live a long time.† â€Å"Are you sure?† She was sniffing. Manella got a handle on her little girl by the shoulders and looked at her straight without flinching. â€Å"We should all bite the dust sometime in the not so distant future, Wanda. I’ve disclosed that to you previously. Regardless, we don’t stress over it till the some time or another is much closer.† She cleaned Wanda’s eyes tenderly. â€Å"Grandfather is going to remain alive till you’re altogether grown up and have infants of your own. You’ll see. Presently return with me. I need you to converse with Grandfather.† Wanda sniffed once more. Seldon took a gander at the young lady with a thoughtful articulation on her arrival and stated, â€Å"What is it, Wanda? For what reason are you unhappy?† Wanda shook her head. Seldon turned his look to the girl’s mother. â€Å"Well, what is it, Manella?† Manella shook her head. â€Å"She’ll need to let you know herself.† Seldon plunked down and tapped his lap. â€Å"Come, Wanda. Pull up a chair and let me know your troubles.† She obeyed and wriggled somewhat, at that point stated, â€Å"I’m scared.† Seldon put his arm around her. â€Å"Nothing to be terrified of in your old grandfather.† Manella scowled. â€Å"Wrong word.† Seldon gazed toward her. â€Å"Grandfather?† â€Å"No. Old.† That appeared to break the barrier. Wanda burst into tears. â€Å"You’re old, Grandfather.† â€Å"I assume so. I’m sixty.† He twisted his face down to Wanda’s and murmured, â€Å"I don’t like it, either, Wanda. That’s why I’m happy you’re just seven going on eight.† â€Å"Your hair is white, Grandpa.† â€Å"It wasn’t consistently. It simply turned white recently.† â€Å"White hair implies you’re going to bite the dust, Grandpa.† Seldon looked stunned. He said to Manella, â€Å"What is all this?† â€Å"I don’t know, Hari. It’s her own idea.† â€Å"I had a terrible dream,† said Wanda. Seldon made a sound as if to speak. â€Å"We all have terrible dreams every so often, Wanda. It’s great we do. Awful dreams dispose of terrible considerations and afterward we’re better off.† â€Å"It was about you passing on, Grandfather.† â€Å"I know. I know. Dreams can be tied in with passing on, however that doesn’t make them significant. Take a gander at me. Don’t you perceive how alive I am-and happy and snickering? Do I look as if I’m passing on? Tell me.† â€Å"N-no.† â€Å"There you are, at that point. Presently you go out and play and disregard this. I’m simply having a birthday and everybody will make some great memories. Proceed, dear.† Wanda left in sensible cheer, however Seldon motioned to Manella to remain. 2 Seldon stated, â€Å"Wherever do you think Wanda got such a notion?† â€Å"Come now, Hari. She had a Salvanian gecko that kicked the bucket, recall? One of her companions had a dad who kicked the bucket in a mishap and she sees passings on holovision constantly. It is inconceivable for any kid to be so secured as not to know about death. As a matter of fact I wouldn’t need her to be so secured. Passing is a fundamental piece of life; she should learn that.† â€Å"I don’t mean demise all in all, Manella. I mean my passing specifically. What has placed that into her head?† Manella dithered. She was affectionate, to be sure, of Hari Seldon. She figured, Who might not be, so how might I say this? Be that as it may, how might she be able to not say this? So she stated, â€Å"Hari, you yourself put it into her head.† â€Å"I?† â€Å"Of course, you’ve been representing a very long time of turning sixty and griping uproariously of developing old. The main explanation individuals are setting up this gathering is to reassure you.† â€Å"It’s no great turning sixty,† said Seldon irately. â€Å"Wait! Pause! You’ll find out.† â€Å"I will-if I’m fortunate. A few people don’t make it to sixty. In any case, if turning sixty and being old are all you talk about, you wind up startling a receptive little girl.† Seldon moaned and looked grieved. â€Å"I’m sorry, yet it’s hard. Take a gander at my hands. They’re getting spotted and soon they’ll be twisted. I can do practically nothing in the method of Twisting any more. A kid could likely power me to my knees.† â€Å"In what way does that make you unique in relation to other sixty-year-olds? In any event your cerebrum is filling in as well as could be. How frequently have you said that that’s all that counts?† â€Å"I know. In any case, I miss my body.† Manella said with only a pinch of noxiousness, â€Å"Especially when Dors doesn’t appear to get any older.† Seldon said precariously, â€Å"Well truly, I assume † He turned away, unmistakably reluctant to discuss the issue. Manella saw her dad in-law gravely. The difficulty was, he knew nothing about kids or about individuals for the most part. It was difficult to imagine that he had gone through ten years as First Minister under the old Emperor but then wound up knowing as meager about individuals as he did. Obviously, he was totally enveloped with this psychohistory of his, that managed quadrillions of individuals, which eventually implied managing no individuals by any means as people. Also, how might he think about youngsters when he had no contact with any kid aside from Raych, who had entered his life as a twelve-year-old? Presently he had Wanda, who was-and would most likely stay to him-an express riddle. Manella thought this affectionately. She wanted to shield Hari Seldon from a world he didn't comprehend. It was the main point where she and her relative, Dors Venabili, met and blended this craving to ensure Hari Seldon. Manella had spared Seldon’s life ten years prior. Dors, in her abnormal way, had thought about this as an intrusion of her privilege and had never fully excused Manella. Seldon, in his turn, had then spared Manella’s life. She shut her eyes quickly and the entire scene came back to her, nearly as if it were occurring to her at the present time. 3 It was seven days after the death of Cleon-and a repulsive week it had been. All of Trantor was in mayhem. Hari Seldon still kept his office as First Minister, however it was clear he had no force. He brought in Manella Dubanqua. â€Å"I need to thank you for sparing Raych’s life and my own. I haven’t got an opportunity to do so yet.† Then with a murmur, â€Å"I have hardly gotten an opportunity to do anything this past week.† Manella asked, â€Å"What happened to the distraught gardener?† â€Å"Executed! On the double! No preliminary! I attempted to spare him by calling attention to that he was crazy. Be that as it may, there was no doubt. On the off chance that he had done whatever else, perpetrated some other wrongdoing, his frenzy would have been perceived and he would have been saved. Submitted bolted up and rewarded yet saved, in any case. Yet, to execute the Emperor-† Seldon shook his head s

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Pork Barrel

Pork barrel truly dismantles the importance of setting spending plans, which at first were taken from the individuals' cash, for the acknowledgment of the proposed improvement ventures of the individuals from the Congress of the Philippines. It for the most part is expected to profit a gathering of residents of a specific lawmaker consequently of their political help, which were either through battling or in the democratic procedure. To have these intentions be done conveniently is a test for each politician.The allurement gets the otter of them now and again, and this heads into the drawback of having a pork barrel. Regularly, in the English language, either expansion or exclusion of words or letters consistently realizes another significance into a word/gathering of words. Much the same as when pork barrel and trick meets midway, its outcome you could never need to hear. Be that as it may, in the event that each lawmaker Just works with inner voice, at that point we won't have any dread at the top of the priority list in regards to the impact of the words. Be that as it may, assuming something else, at that point it would not deliver great inputs from the people.The Idea of whether to cancel the pork barrel is too difficult to even consider deciding. Be that as it may, on the off chance that I were to, I would have decided not to remove it from the arrangement of government. Indeed, I may have expressed destructions In certain pieces of this paper, yet I have a bigger picture caught as a top priority. The result of canceling this framework I would consistently fear. What might befall the Filipino individuals if the pork barrel for the advancement of the country Is abrogated? Each individuals must recollect this framework had its ups as far as building streets and extensions, program for ranchers, grants or meriting individuals, among others.Now, on the off chance that the pork barrel Is to be rejected, at that point It ought to be a test to the legislature to guarantee that the individuals who profit by the program won't be influenced. Also, that Is actually what might occur If It Is abrogated, there will be no assurance that these individuals will proceed with their training and get other huge help. Along these lines, the answer for It will not be end, however to have a more noteworthy duty and responsibility In Its usage. Pork Barrel A fix, a treat, a partnership, a decimation or only a play. What do we truly think about that alleged Pork Barrel? All country acquaint with there administration the intensity of pork barrel expressing that it’s a program serving honest advantages for the general public that focuses on the people’s cost. In any case, because of what they said Pork Barrel, I, you, we can’t see a solitary look at confidence brought by them. How might we say were free when we realize that our hands and feet are firmly affixed, how might we say were free when we realize that were constrained by our own one of a kind administration who have no absolution for any residents that remembers confidence in there own way.Why do Australia, Germany, United Kingdom, Eastern and Central Europe expressed that they stroll in on the way of honesty, do that show that we have a lot of nudge, silly and offenders in our open authorities. It’s expressed that the administration is our legislature so how the administration is attempting to help individuals over come complex issue if there the person who giving them and courses them in the way of falsehoods and issues. A generally excellent model is The Intriguing Controversy of the Year, The Pork Barrel Scam of Mrs.Janet Lim Napoles whom to be the minds of the lost of in excess of 10 Billion pesos in the subsidizing of the Nation. Furthermore, not just she is include there’s still legislators and congressman include, how might they hang on trough this and still, at the end of the day there are people groups supporting and confiding in them as far as possible. Upon all happenings, proof and contentions Mrs. Janet Lim Napoles can be casted a ballot not blameworthy, what is this happenings do our legislature simply playing and messing around to this crisis.Majority of the individuals is lamenting for the lost riches and openings simply envision all that cash can do, it can take care of million of individuals, can give hun dred of thousand chances, can work off a great many houses, can mend several diseases, and help our just a single country from destruction. Presently knowing these potential outcomes that can accomplish such a great deal, who can maintains this sort of coldblooded and unjustified act. After they state it’s to our benefit why they figure out how to control everything? How might we cause a demonstration on the off chance that they to have all the decisions in life?But, at that point I figure out how to vanquish that after all that fiendishness I despite everything need to expresses gratitude toward Mrs. Janet Lim Napoles not on account of her mercilessness and unjustified act individuals on the planet won’t know the partnership and intensity of the entire Filipino individuals by methods for the maltreatment of one. Presently this day we ought to do what we know is correct and remain on our two own one of a kind feet, we should know the way of what is reasonable and what isn't on the grounds that at long last were still people and we can’t do everything. So now an inquiry will be raise â€Å"Should you battle for what is correct or remain on what you know is vogue? †

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Back toPaper in the Classroom Richmond Writing

Back toPaper in the Classroom Richmond Writing I have a penchant for mixing things up in class, if only to keep writers on their toes. For many semesters, I got away from any writing on paper in favor of blogs, digital stories, and wikis.   Now, in a literature course I last taught as paperless, some old friends (and nemeses) have returned: staples, margins, page numbers. Why have I returned to the 20th Century? When conducting a paper chase with 16 Writing Consultants and 18 literature students, I found that paper enables my Consultants to write the sort of commentary they will most likely write for our professors or in our Writing Center. In time, our faculty will embrace multimedia for many projects, but even then, Writing Consultants will need to understand the rhetoric of linear as well as associative, collaborative projects. One could do what Im doing with file exchanges, of course, and some faculty do just that. Im no stranger to MS Words track changes and embedded comments, but even as I write this post, a student has contacted me with a question: the introduction I returned to her, with my comments linked to text, does not seem to be working. Im not fond of MS Words dependence upon co-writers having similar versions. Ill probably have to switch to Google Docs to finish helping her. Its simply a simpler, and more ubiquitous, technology. Yet even that lacks the ubiquity of paper. Paper cannot show multimedia (yet). Paper cannot have live feedback forms or allow online tagging and collaboration (yet). Despite these limitations, Im most curious to see how a paper-based class goes for me this term. Stay tuned. Some tasks are, however, inefficient on paper. Id include sign-up sheets for Writing Consultants, whether done collaboratively or with a single editor, as in this example from my current lit. class. Everyone with the link can view the document from wherever they may be. I now consider Google Docs to be paper plus, since they preserve what is best about linear discourse but add collaborative features that are clumsy in Microsoft Office, a technology designed for print.

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Living in a Communist Dungeon Was Like Living in the...

Living in a communist dungeon was like living in the Plato’s Cave In Plato’s book, the Republic, in a story that the ancient Greek philosopher shows to his student Glaucon, by using an allegory of peoples that are condemned to live in a cave for all their lives, the philosopher shows how people can be deceived by many images that they see from the distance and when they have not enough information to judge them. The life of the people who lived in the communist Eastern Europe during the second half of the twentieth century resembled very much with Plato’s prisoners. Isolated from the rest of the world, often misinformed about what was going on behind the iron curtain, they were deprived from understanding what was going on with the rest†¦show more content†¦While many others did not even bother to understand and explain why people in the West were richer and happier than us. But what everyone wanted, was to escape from the communist dungeon and flee in the rich, rich West. However, when many East Europeans finally went to Wes tern Europe after the collapse of communism, they did not find the West that they had imagined before. The West had its own problems. Its economic success was based in the high discipline and hard labor of its citizens. There people were also working as we in Eastern Europe and it was not a Paradise as we had imagined it before. When the people of Eastern European faced the reality of Western Europe after 1991, many of them were disappointed. Like the people in the Plato’s cave, they understood that many things that they had believed and imagined before traveling to the West, simply, were not true. That means that the allegory of the cave exists where ever you go and will exist until the people will be able to unchain themselves in every regime and in every situation around the

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The Life of Frederick Douglass the Power of Reading Essay

Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass: The Power of Reading In the pre-Civil War plantations of the South, slaves were forbidden to read or write. In other words, they were forced to be ignorant and locked in mental darkness. In the Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass, he writes in dept about his life as a slave in these plantations. After leaning the ABCs and learning to spell words consisting of three or four letters from Ms. Auld, Frederick Douglass illustrates how he secretly taught himself how to read and write using various strategies such as: Learning the letters on the timber at Durgin and Baileys ship yard, getting lessons from the white boys he met on the street, Websters Spelling Book, and master†¦show more content†¦He now knew what empowered them and what he needed to become empowered, and he states that The argument which he so warmly urged, against my learning to read, only served to inspire me with a desire and determination to learn (48). He prized this lesson and took advantage of it. Frederick Douglas s now set a goal for himself to learn how to read at any cost. Mrs. Auld now realized that education and slavery were incompatible. The once, kind Mrs. Auld, now turned her back on Frederick Douglass. She stopped teaching Frederick Douglass to read, nor, would not let him look at the newspaper. However, all of her evil intentions to abandon him in mental darkness just motivated him to further his reading abilities to the next level Knowing how powerful reading was, Frederick Douglass decided to take reading into his own hands. He had to acquire new ways to educate himself to read and write. Frederick Douglass immediately realized that all of the white boys on the street knew how to read and write and he soon converted them into his new teachers. He began taking bread from the house and, in trade, received valuable reading lessons from the poor white boys on the street. Through these lessons, Frederick Douglass could now read. Learning to read gave Frederick Douglass the self confidence he needed to write. He believed that if he could write, he may be able to, one day, write his own pass. Frederick Douglass began learning the letters markedShow MoreRelatedRhetorical Devices In The Narrative Of The Life Of Frederick Douglass729 Words   |  3 Pagesbecause education is power, and with power, slaves could escape. Frederick Douglass said that â€Å"Once you learn to read, you will be forever free.† F rederick Douglass escaped from slavery with the power of education, and he wrote an autobiography, which shows the idea of freedom through the eyes of Frederick Douglass, and the connection between freedom and education. Douglass shows this through rhetorical devices and the elements of rhetoric. Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass, an American SlaveRead MoreNarrative Of The Life Of Frederick Douglass, An American Slave1251 Words   |  6 PagesJustine Boonstra Frey- Period 1 MAJOR WORKS REVIEW AP Lang Version GENERAL 1. Douglass, Frederick. Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass, an American Slave. 1845. New York: Fine, 2003. Print. 2. Autobiography STRUCTURE 1. Point of View: First Person, the narrator Frederick Douglass 2. Relationship of POV to meaning: 3. Plot Structure a. Exposition: Douglass describes that his mother was a black slave, and his father was a white man. Thus, he was born into slavery and was sent off toRead More Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass Essay907 Words   |  4 PagesNarrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  The tone established in the Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass is unusual in that from the beginning to the end the focus has been shifted. In the beginning of the narrative Douglass seems to fulfill every stereotypical slavery theme. He is a young black slave who at first cannot read and is very naà ¯ve in understanding his situation. As a child put into slavery Douglass does not have the knowledge to know about his surroundings and theRead More Martin Luther King Jr. and Frederick Douglass Essay1390 Words   |  6 PagesKing Jr. and Frederick Douglass When comparing two essays, there are many different aspects that the reader can look at to make judgments and opinions. In the two essays that I choose, MARTIN LUTHER KING JR. Letter from Birmingham Jail, and FREDERICK DOUGLASS From Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass, an American Slave, there were many similarities, but also many differences. Some of them being, the context, style, structure and tone. Many times when readings or articlesRead MoreNarrative Voice of Frederick Douglass920 Words   |  4 PagesNarrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass The tone established in the Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass is unusual in that from the beginning to the end the focus has been shifted. In the beginning of the narrative Douglass seems to fulfill every stereotypical slavery theme. He is a young black slave who at first cannot read and is very naà ¯ve in understanding his situation. As a child put into slavery Douglass does not have the knowledge to know about his surroundings and the worldRead MoreFrederick Douglass Analysis776 Words   |  4 Pagesof the Life of Frederick Douglass, author Frederick Douglass reflects on his experience as a slave trying to obtain an education and how this impacted his life. Throughout this chapter, Douglass’s attitude is influenced by his sympathetic portrayal of the mistress, his remorse for reading, and his condemnation of slavery. First, Douglass explains his relationship with his mistress and how he feels sympathy for her in a situation where one would typically feel spiteful. Because Douglass does notRead MoreFrederick Douglass : A Man949 Words   |  4 PagesDaniel Lee 12/6/15 Frederick Douglass Essay How did Frederick Douglass move from being a slave to a man? In Frederick Douglass’s autobiography, â€Å"Frederick Douglass,† Frederick Douglass, a black man born into slavery, went from being a slave to a man. His actions proved he was a man. Frederick Douglass was born into slavery in Tuckahoe, Maryland. Like many slaves, Frederick Douglass didn’t know his exact age or birthday, but he knew an estimate of his age. â€Å"I come to this, fromRead MoreThe Education Of Malcolm X Essay984 Words   |  4 PagesLiteracy is power. Being taught to read and write is important to function in society. You learn to read and write to express your feelings and communicate with others. Frederick Douglass and Malcom X both succeeded in learning how to read and write, but in different ways. The education of Malcolm X was learned more formally. Frederick Douglass learned from his surroundings and the people around him. Malcom and Frederick battled in reading and writing, but learned in similar and different ways. Read MoreEffects of Lack of Education 627 Words   |  3 Pagesthe Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass: An American Slave, Frederick Douglass portrays to the readers how lack of education can keep a people oppressed. Frederick Douglass believed that all men are created equal, and he also knew that people must make themselves what they want to be. Because of this fact, Frederick Douglass discovered that education and self-improvement were extremely important aspects in a slave’s journey to freedom. According to Frederick Douglass, the worst thing aboutRead MoreNarrative Of The Life Of Frederick Douglass1405 Words   |  6 PagesLife is always compared to be like a roller coaster ride, having its ups and downs. The book Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass is an autobiography written by Fredrick Douglass. The book is written from his perspective of being a slave who hoped to be free someday. This autobiography occurs in the years 1835 to 1845 in Boston, Massachu setts. This book shows the roller coaster ride of going from slavery to freedom. In the beginning of this book, there is a preface which is told by a white

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Conflict Can Have Tragic Consequences for Everyone. Free Essays

Conflict can have tragic consequences for everyone as the women portrayed in Bereford’s film, Paradise Road, react in a catastrophic manner in the events that lead on as the film progresses. The characters in the film are based on actual people: nurses or wives of major officials and civilians. These women are caught up in the global conflict of World War II and those who manage to survive are, despite any positive outcomes, are dreadfully damaged by their encounter with conflict both physically and emotionally. We will write a custom essay sample on Conflict Can Have Tragic Consequences for Everyone. or any similar topic only for you Order Now These moments of great unrest are captured in the film that innocent people are too often becoming caught up in and suffer from the effects of great struggle that are not of their own making. The viewers are powerfully positioned to recognise with the three main protagonists, Adrienne, Margaret and Susan, as they come to a conditions with the cruel and frequently tragic circumstances of their situation. In the film’s opening scene, we observe a sight of the protected and usual lives led by women who were fairly unimportant to the conflict of war. Now, plunged into a terrifyingly brutal and unknown world, they come across the tragic consequences of the conflict. On the voyage to the camp, Beresford highlights the ordinary qualities of the women as they move violently to retain their meagre property or endeavour to help each other endure the long walk. Afraid, starving and exhausted, the women are herded like cattle. On their appearance in Sumatra they see the disengaged head of a following prisoner displayed on a pole in the public square. The tragedies that occurred in the prisoners turn out to be a part of their daily lives, as many gave in to the belongings of untreated sickness. The scene with the two children creating simple wooden coffins for dead babies evidently highlights the tragedy of the conflict in the lives of normal people, and suggests that no reason can justify the dreadful consequences of violent conflict. Children are a figure of innocence in the film. The innocent suffers the most in situations of tremendous conflict. The camp cemetery, with its rows upon rows of white crosses, is exposed as the camera pans across the penal complex compound throughout a performance of the vocal orchestra, enlightening the large numbers of prisoners who died all through the course of their imprisonment. The film also shows how intense conflict situations positions everyday people beneath a strange pressure, provoking and exacerbating conflicts on a private level, both between and within individuals. Stressed, sorrowing and deprived, a number of the women in Paradise Road find themselves positioned in a ethically and politically compromised condition when confronted with the option as to whether to remain at the Japanese ‘officers’ club’, providing sex in return for food and comfort, or to return to the camp. Those who choose to be recognise by the bribe of the officers who are not only prostituting themselves but are also consorting with the enemy. Likewise, Adrienne was positioned in a compromising situation when she was asked if the orchestra will carry out a Japanese song for Colonel Hirota. She refuses, risking cruel punishment. At the same time, she makes a diverse option, to that of the women of the officers’ club, Beresford emphasises that war, and the struggle for survival, places harshly and unusual stress on individuals, which is able to cause them to act in ways they would not normally behave; as Sister Wilhelmina intelligently acknowledges, it is not fair to judge the events of others in a period of severe disagreement. In conclusion, conflict has the potential to allow an individual the ability to face challenges in order to overcome them and finally to grow as a person. The range of conflicts that acts as a basis towards venous responses ranging from the extreme life changing circumstances to those that are minor, but yet a significant ambition to change. Refereeing to the film ‘Paradise Road’ we have seen many faces that have been challenged trough out their lives. However the women are able to follow their presence with the determination, courage and peace. How to cite Conflict Can Have Tragic Consequences for Everyone., Essay examples

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Tanning Beds free essay sample

â€Å"CANCER† a six lettered word that carries so much meaning to my family. On Tuesday, May 28, 2011 I arrived home from a long day at school. I could feel it in the air that something was different. Both of my parents displayed long, sad faces. As soon as my mother asked â€Å"can I speak to you alone? † I realized that something was definitely wrong. The words that escaped her mouth is something that I would never imagined hearing from my 48 year old mom. She explained that she went to the doctors office to have a spot on her nose examined. After the doctor received the pathology report, he stated that my mother had basal cell carcinoma, and that surgery was required. As a young 16 year old, I was terrified. My mom had skin cancer. Thankfully, after many procedures, and large excisions from the tip of her nose, the cancer was finally removed. We will write a custom essay sample on Tanning Beds or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page With my mother growing up in the California sun in the 70’s, the importance of skin protection and sunscreen was not emphasized. â€Å"The darker the better† was a popular fad throughout this time. My mom used to lather her body with baby oil and lay out in the burning sun. I am sure she was not thinking at the time that the sun’s exposure would cause such a horrible diagnosis in the future. Now, my younger brother and I will be severely punished if we leave the house without applying sunscreen. Tanned skin should not be a fashion statement, because it will only cause negative effects in the future, such as skin cancer. As early as the Renaissance and Elizabethan eras, women with fair skin were considered to be more attractive than women with tanned skin. Fair-skinned women were those who were upper class and spent most of their time indoors. Dark skinned women were associated with being field workers. Women would apply chalk to their faces to make them appear like porcelain. However, with the turn of the Industrial Revolution the trend for whiteness halted. With the working class now moving from the farm to the factories, pale complexions now belonged to the poor, whereas, the more wealthy types embraced some color by leisurely spending life outdoors. Moreover, in 1923, after catching too much Mediterranean sun, Coco Chanel returned to Paris with bronze skin. This ultimately started the chic movement of sunbathing. With Coppertone’s Quick Tan in 1960 and German scientist Friedrich Wolff’s invention of the sun bed in 1978, the popularity of tanning kept rising. However, in 1986, the first SPF 15 was introduced to the public due to medical warnings about too much sun exposure. Unfortunately, people in 1986 failed to take those medical warnings seriously. In today’s modern society, tanning is a basic beauty essential to many women. Many young women tend to resort to a convenient, efficient way of maintaining a glowing tan throughout the year, by the use of indoor tanning beds. However, many young teenage girls are unaware of the deadly effects that come along with indoor tanning. Over time, the effects of too much ultraviolet radiation emitted from tanning beds, can lead to wrinkles, age spots, cataracts, loss of skin elasticity, immune system changes, and skin cancers. In order to prevent young, uneducated teenagers from experiencing such side effects, tanning beds should be banned from minors. As mentioned before, the ever-changing culture has a direct impact on the choices made by the people of society. The media, such as television, magazines, and the Internet can play a major role on the attitudes towards tanning. For example, celebrities such as MTV Jersey Shore’s main star Snooki. She is famous for her acronym of GTL, standing for Gym, Tan, Laundry. These are the three things people must do on a daily basis, according to the orange skinned reality star. Furthermore, in 2006, Sarah Palin gained a lot of noteworthy attention by doctors, dermatologists, and fellow politicians whenever she admitted to having a tanning bed installed in the Alaska Governor’s Mansion. Many people thought that it would send a message to young teenagers that it was acceptable to make use of an indoor tanning bed. Lastly, many movie stars and famous celebrities admit that their secret to a â€Å"healthy glow† is by usage of tanning beds. All in all, there is a major cultural disconnection between the risk and desire for a â€Å"healthy glow. † The media and advertisements of a tanned appearance is ultimately influencing many young teenage girls. Young teenagers are easily persuaded, and many will give in to the heavy peer pressure of the media. Teenage girls will be influenced to have a mindset that indoor tanning will make more people will like and accept them. Or perhaps, with the use of indoor tanning, their self image will mirror the models in the advertising campaigns. However, there are many risks that are involved with the use of tanning beds. According to the American Academy of Dermatology, on an average day, more than one million people tan in tanning beds. Seventy percent of people who use tanning beds are Caucasian girls aged between 16 and 29. DeAnn Lazovich, a professor in epidemiology reports data in her journal, Indoor Tanning and Risk of Melanoma, that â€Å"from 116 cities in the United States found that the average number of tanning salons exceeded the number of McDonalds or Starbucks. † This shows that not only are tanning salons becoming more popular, but with their increasing density, they are becoming more available to people. Overexposure to UV radiation can lead to premature skin aging, discoloration, loss of elasticity, eye damage, and immune suppression. Indoor tanning beds can cause cancer, in non-malignant and malignant forms. Non-malignant types of cancer grow in the first few layers of the skin. Non-malignant forms of skin cancer include basal cell carcinomas or squamous cell carcinomas. Fortunately, these two types of cancer are not as deadly as melanoma, due to the fact that they rarely spread to lymph nodes and vital organs. Moreover, excessive exposure to UVA radiation can cause malignant melanoma, the most dangerous form of skin cancer. Skin melanomas also know as skin cancer is a disease in which skin cells lose the ability to divide and grow normally. Melanoma is life-threatening and deadly. In DeAnn Lazovich’s book Shedding Light On Indoor Tanning, she says that â€Å"melanoma is the most lethal form of skin cancer, but non-melanomas can cause significant morbidity and ever mortality as well. † UV exposure from tanning beds can not only cause skin defects in the future, it can also cause deadly cancers that are sometimes hard to stop. Once the skin cells are damaged, the cancer starts spreading to other organs in the body. In a Radio SmartTalk with Scott Lamar, he featured Doctor Gavin Robertson, who has studied melanoma extensively. When asked about the main cause of skin cancer, Dr. Robertson said â€Å"sunburns are the primary factors of the cause of lethal melanoma, either being from UV rays from the sun or UV rays emitted from tanning beds. † Dr. Robertson further explained the deadly danger of melanoma, by claiming, â€Å"melanoma grows into the layers of your skin hitting blood vessels, and these cells circulate throughout your blood, and start to develop tumors in different organs such as the liver, lungs, and the brain. † Melanoma triggers mutations that make it very easy to multiply and to rapidly form tumors. If melanoma spreads to other organs in the body, there is a very low chance of survival rate. Tanning devices are carcinogenic. Many teenage girls are aware that indoor tanning can cause cancer, however they ignore this because of the worldwide belief that if, by chance, they do get skin cancer, they can easily get it removed. However, even with non-melanoma types of skin cancer, the removal of the skin cancer, can cause major deformities on your body. With these high risks of body deformities, and deadly cancers why would any teenage girl continue to make use of indoor tanning beds? Unfortunately, many teenage girls have higher motivations to tan that outweigh the risks of high levels of UV exposure. DeAnn Lazovih explains that â€Å"perhaps because tanning is commonly perceived as a cosmetic fad, its association with fatal skin cancer is not taken as seriously as it could be,† in Shedding Light on Indoor Tanning. One factor that motivates teenage girls is the importance of appearance enhancement. In today’s culture, attractiveness, fitness, youthfulness, and vitality are all very important factors to many young women. It is claimed by many that tanning will make someone appear â€Å"thinner† and â€Å"younger. † Many teenagers begin using indoor tanning beds to make themselves â€Å"better looking. † However, once again, teenage girl are only looking at the the immediate effects. If they were educated about the effects of indoor tanning, they would know that whenever they hit the age of forty they are going to have wrinkles and dark spots because they failed to protect their skin at a young age. An interview with Amelia Kaymen, a dermatologist in San Francisco, California, was conducted by Ivanhoe Broadcast News about the effects of indoor tanning. When asked how much damage is done before a person reaches age 18, she concluded that â€Å"at least 75 percent of the significant damage is done by the time you’re 18. † This proves that if tanning beds are banned from minors, there is a very high chance the percentage of melanoma and skin cancer would decrease. Another factor as to why indoor tanning is so popular is that many people that live in colder climates often find an efficient and convenient way to maintain a tan throughout the year. In addition to these factors, another main reason people still use indoor tanning beds is for mood enhancement. Whenever people are tan, they often feel better about themselves, because their self image is enhanced by the fact that they have a healthy glow. However, what teenagers do not understand, is that there are many other activities they can indulge in that much safer; such as running, seeing friends, or even applying a tan from a bottle. All of these factors contribute to the popularity of indoor tanning among teenage girls. Furthermore, many teenage girls become dependent on indoor tanning beds. This dependency can turn into an addiction. Tanning bed users only see the immediate effects of a bright, glowing tan. This is why many become addicted to tanning, also known as â€Å"tanorexia. † In Meg Cassidy’s Skin Cancer Kills she introduces Bryan Adlnoff, a professor in drug and alcohol abuse research to further explain the addiction people have with indoor tanning. Adlnoff describes that he â€Å"saw activation in the areas of these participants’ brains that are associated with reward-the kind of brain activity that keeps us coming back for more. † As people step out of the tanning beds, their first reaction is amazement and happiness. Despite the dangers, many teenage girls are only focused on the way the tan makes them look, making it hard to stop frequenting tanning salons. This makes people create a routine out of coming back to the tanning salons and tanning under harmful UV radiation. This is very harmful to their DNA skin cells, eyes, and immune system; however, the users are only looking at the immediate effects instead of taking time to realize what will happen in the long run. Addiction to tanning can be just as harmful to the body just as addiction to cigarettes and drugs are. Now the question is: why do owners of tanning salons continue to encourage people to use indoor tanning, despite the deadly side effects it has on people? First and foremost, tanning salons will always be in business as much as enforcers try to ban them. Tanning and cigarettes are very similar in this case. At the expense of health and safety, people will still stay true to their own mindset. However, tanning companies brainwash their customers by claiming that indoor tanning is a good way to get the daily intake of vitamin D. Vitamin D is also known as the â€Å"sunshine vitamin. † It is very important for bone health and colon cancer prevention, and it is recommended that one should be exposed to an adequate amount of sunlight. However, it is sometimes overrated, especially by tanning salon owners. In Alice Park’s article, Assessing the Risks of Tanning Beds, she introduces Dan Humiston, president of the Indoor Tanning Association. He defends indoor tanning by explaining that, â€Å"most people are vitamin D deficient, and one of the easiest ways to prevent that- it’s simple, it’s free, is to go out in the sun. Or go in a tanning bed, and your skin produces vitamin D. † While this may be true, ask any doctor and they would explain a more educated approach upon receiving vitamin D. In the interview, as mentioned before, with Dr Kaymen, she was once again asked â€Å"how can people balance the need for vitamin D with the risk of sun exposure? †, Dr Kaymen responded that, â€Å"it takes minute amounts of sunlight to manufacture enough vitamin D to stay healthy, and in fact a lot of our foods are supplemented with vitamin D so you probably don’t need to go outside at all. † Doctor Kaymen’s response is a lot more trustworthy because it is coming from a doctor. Despite the claim tanning companies make, someone does not need to depend on sun exposure to acquire the right amount of vitamin D. In addition, another myth from tanning companies is that they claim that indoor tanning is a safer alternative than sunbathing at the beach or out by the pool. Most tanning salon owners and employees are aware and educated of the dangers of indoor tanning, however they continue to encourage people to tan because they ultimately still need business. Sun exposure in general is very harmful to individuals, however the type of UV radiation that is emitted from tanning beds is a lot more direct than the UV radiation from the sun. In Sarah Glynn’s journal Tanning Bed Cancer Risk Double That of Summer Sun, she explains that a team of researchers at the University of Dundee, Scotland confirmed that, â€Å"the risk of skin cancer was six times higher from one of the tanning beds, compared to direct natural sunlight exposure. † This is yet another reason as to why teenage girls should stay away from tanning beds. Applying sunscreen continuously throughout the day as one is in the sun is acceptable. However, applying tanning lotion and laying in a carcinogenic tanning bed for fifteen minutes should be banned, especially from young teenagers who are not fully educated on the effects and dangers of indoor tanning. To repeat, with the over-empowering dangers of UV exposure from tanning beds, it is only in the best judgement as a society to put restrictions on the usage of these carcinogenic machines. Referring back to the interview with Amelia Kaymen, she said that most of the damage was done before a person reaches the age of 18. When asked if tanning booths should be illegal for minors, she responded, â€Å"I would agree with prohibiting a person under the age of 18 going without parental permission. † Fortunately, according to the American Academy of Dermatology, â€Å"on October 9, 2011, California became the first state in the nation to prohibit the use of indoor tanning devices for all children and adolescents under the age of 18. † Along with California, Vermont, Illinois, Texas, Connecticut, Nevada, and New Jersey also put an age restriction on the indoor tanning. Furthermore, â€Å"on May 6, 2013, U. S. Food and Drug Administration issued a proposed order for stricter regulations on indoor tanning devices. † Everyone who frequents tanning salons should be educated about the dangerous effects of indoor tanning. Everyone should be able to locate, read, and understand the warning labels on every tanning machine. Also, states who have not yet put an age restriction on indoor tanning should at least put restrictions on parent consent. Parents must have the right to know that their children are involving themselves in this dangerous type of behavior and activity, without fully understanding the consequences. Lastly, the indoor tanning companies need to step up and communicate the importance of UV protection, both in the tanning beds and outside in the harmful sun.